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Ghost Pepper Flavored Vodka

Ghost Pepper Flavored Vodka

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we distill our ghost pepper vodka from barley grown in alaska’s rugged interior, not far from denali’s snowy peak. the far north’s midnight sun and rich soil nourish these grains, giving them their characteristic alaskan flavor. we add a spicy essence distilled from one of the world's hottest peppers. we finish it with glacier fresh water. ​

flavoring: distilled essence of smoky ghost pepper and fresh bell pepper

alaska grown: distilled from barley grown in delta, junction alaska ​

tasting notes: crisp fresh pepper, spicy smoke, slightly sweet & malty ​

favorite pairings: tomato, brine, basil, honey, lemon, lime. mango, pineapple ​

perfect serve: bloody mary with plenty of fresh citrus

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