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Small Batch Whiskey

Small Batch Whiskey

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Small Batch Whiskey

we distill this whiskey from wheat grown in the valley between the talkeetna and chugach mountain ranges and barley grown in Alaska's rugged interior. once matured, we blend this spirit with the purest of water and high-rye bourbon from the lower 48. never chill-filtered, the result is a frontier crafted whiskey that only a few will get to discover. ​

Alaska grown: distilled from alaskan wheat and barley ​​​


NOSE – oak, vanilla, honey, apple, caramel, bananas foster, layered pepper, mossy forest, earthy spice


TASTE – oak, brown sugar, vanilla, cherry, plum, cinnamon, clove, leather, allspice, orange, sweet corn, black pepper, cookie dough, toasted walnut


FINISH- clove, black pepper, almond, citrus

this delightful whiskey is perfect for sipping straight but really shines in an old fashioned, whiskey sour, or even a manhattan!

Pairs nicely with fresh orange, black cherry, baked peach, vanilla ice cream, blackberry, fresh lemon, maple syrup, ginger, campfire, friendship and cola.

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